Electric Circuit and circuit element

As we know that the electric current is the rate of flow of electric charge (electrons). It is denoted by I and its unit is Ampere (A) and a complete path which consist one or more circuit elements and connecting wire and allows flowing electric current is known as  electric circuit.

In this circuit, battery and electric lamp are the circuit elements. Any individual electric component (lamp, battery, generators etc.) with terminals by which it can be connected to other electric components is known as circuit elements. They may be active elements or passive elements. Active elements are capable of delivering electric power to some external devices e.g. current source, voltage source etc. while passive elements are capable of receiving electric power from active elements e.g. resistor, capacitor, inductor etc.

It is the property of material to oppose the flow of electric current through it. The opposition of flow of current is due to the presence of large no of atom or molecules of the material through which electrons flow. During the movement of electrons collide with these atoms or molecules. Unit of resistance is ohm (Ω).The most common schematic symbol for a resistor is a zigzag line:

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