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Who need PLC Automation  Training?

If you are an Electrical/Electronics/ Industrial/ Mechanical Engineer/ Technician planning to start a career in an Industry in Nepal or anywhere in the world then ask yourself: Do I  know about:

– PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)
– HMI (Human Machine Interface)
–    SCADA (Supervisory Control AND Data acquisition )
–    Drives (AC Drive, DC Drive and Servo Drive)
–    Analog systems and PID Control systems
If the answer is no or a little in theory then you require a PLC Automation  Training!

Plc automation training is getting popular now and it is due to the interest of people in automation field. Automation has been used in many industries and machines, but got popular soon due to automation industry. It plays a major role in the field of automation and it is mainly used for automation of electro-mechanical processes.  It can control any machines and it is called as a digital computer and has been designed for multiple input and output arrangements.  As by its name, it is a programmable logic controller and some programs are used to control the machine operation. These programs in the machines are generally stored in battery that is backed up and it is also stored in non volatile memory.

Why PLC training is necessary in automation field?
Nowadays, students are looking for jobs that can afford them the highest salary and also looking for jobs that can make their career brighter. So once you take training, you can expect a good career life. Let us see some of the developments that happened in PLC.  Early when the plc was introduced, it has been used to replace relay logic system and at that time, it used a form of instruction list programming.  Later on, the industrialist came to understand about plc and then it got developed step-by step, and now it is programmed in a variety of ways with state logic and high level programming language.

Earlier the programs in plc were made with some special-purpose programming terminals with dedicated function keys and logical elements and the programs were stored in some cassette tapes and cartridges.  Due to lack of memory capacity, the printing and documentation facilities were minimal and now plc are programmed in personal computers with some application software.   With the help of this software, you can debug and troubleshoot the plc software during operation.

As an automation engineer, you can learn many new ideas regarding the industrial control systems and its functionality. You can control the relay, motion, process; motion and distributed control with the help of plc and you can store and handle data processing as approximately as desktop computers.  In recent years, products called programmable logic relays are developed and it is somewhat similar to plc, but not as like plc. It is preferred when low cost is desired and it is used in industries where only few input/output signals are required.

It has built in communication ports and it is a human machine interface with number of connections built in for input and output. It is a micro-controller based process and can well adapt to wide range of automation tasks.  It is economical and has increased the speed of work process and has made the controlling process in machines as easy as possible.

 Where to take training?

Anywhere in a trusted institute or college. We also find such kinds of training in Pokhara Nepal.

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