Two Floor Simple Elevator System (Basic PLC Program)

PLC Exercise: Design a PLC ladder program for two floor elevator System. Make necessary assumptions.



• Lift door is manual sliding type. A door switch is provided to ensure the door is properly closed.

• In first Floor there is only Down Call Button

• Inside Lift, there are Both up and down button
• In Ground Floor there is only Up Call Button

Function                                                                         Address
Up Call Button at Ground Floor                                    I:1/0
Down Call Button at First Floor                                    I:1/1
Up Button inside Elevator                                              I:1/2
Down Button inside Elevator                                        I:1/3
Door Switch (closed when door closed)                      I:1/4
Elevator up limit switch                                                 I:1/5
Elevator down limit switch I:1/6

Function                                                                       Address
Lift Motor Upward Direction                                     O:1/0
Lift Motor Downward Direction                                O:1/1
Ready to open door indicator Ground Floor           O:1/2
Ready to open door indicator First Floor                O:1/3
Ready to open door indicator inside Lift                 O:1/4


Download the PLC ladder diagram detail in PDF >>>  Two Floor Simple Elevator System

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